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Innovation Hub Development

A structured Platform for Sustainable Growth

An Innovation Hub is “short hand” for presenting a capability or a range of capabilities that could be brought together and clustered to drive innovation effectively. It could be one, or a combination of, the following:

  • An interactive platform with a virtual and/or physical presence
  • A work space, an incubation space, a formation zone, or an R&D centre
  • A social network or knowledge network
  • A branded engagement mechanism

Innovation Hubs are often used by organisations to focus their innovation efforts and demonstrate the value from such efforts to the business and its stakeholders. 


Establishing an Innovation Hub provides a structured and cost effective platform that enables a business achieve the following key benefits:

  • Provides a focal point for innovation investment and interactions (e.g. internally and externally)
  • Helps to identify and envision the key innovation clusters (e.g. key disruptive technologies in relation to business lines)
  • Enriches the customer / user experience
  • Informs and shapes the development of new business offerings
  • Facilitates 'Open Innovation' and strengthens collaborative stakeholder engagements
  • Improves enterprise value by demonstrating an organisational commitment to innovation
  • Stimulates creativity and supports positive communication for transformation.   
  • Provides a show casing environment to attract new business and investment.

We will work closely with you through this journey, providing you with clear guidance for the Hub’s implementation and launch.


Technology and knowledge intensive organisations wishing to enhance customer interactions and deliver value to all its stakeholders.


Through a facilitated session, the process consists of the following key steps:

  1. Build the business case for what the Innovation Hub will do and secure buy-in
  2. Identify clear unique selling propositions (e.g. 3 USPs)
  3. Form Team-X to drive the innovation interventions
  4. Identify key target markets that form the Hub’s initial focus
  5. Define the Hub’s structure, communications and engagement channels
  6. Build the Hub’s Action Plan and develop its Go-to-Market strategy 
  7. Theme and brand the Hub and its solutions
  8. Plan PR and communication activities to launch Hub successfully
  9. Agree key success meaures (and scorecards) 
  10. Launch and win!

Out team has worked with public and private sector organisations helping them to ensure the right outcomes are achieved and identify what success might be for them.

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