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Innovation Culture Assessment

Examining your culture of innovation

Innovation Governance plays a key role in creating and sustaining a corporate innovation culture. Our approach helps organisations to define clearly the roles, responsibilities and expectations across all lines of authority in congruence with the organisation's overall mission and values whilst maintaining flexibility.

We will help you create "Team X" - a collaborative and interdisciplinary network that drives transformation through innovation and enables an organisation to embed innovation as a natural rhythm thus ensuring a sustainable innovation pipeline.

The Innovation Culture Review asks your organisations such questions as:

  • What defines innovation?
  • What evidence of innovation exists?
  • How is innovation is enabled and developed culturally?
  • What stifles innovation
  • How innovation is governed?
  • How aligned are the innovation interventions with organisational values?
  • How innovation is dissemination and celebrated?
  • How developed are the innovation skills and competencies in the learning and development function?

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