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Assess your growth potential through innovation

Innovation is not a single discipline or a set of objectives. It relies on the interplay of an array of capabilities, processes, teams and partnerships. Your organisation’s ability to innovate and create new products, services, projects, processes and structures is highly dependent on a number of interrelated factors.
To innovate successfully, an innovation baseline needs to be established to ensure a balanced approach to the innovation. The drive for ‘growth in value’ for customers (internal & external) and enhancing their experience determines the innovation success or failure of an organisation. 
The Business Innovation Diagnostics is an interactive session with key representatives that helps your organisation to:
  • Identify where its current position on the innovation journey
  • Define the deficiency gaps and the key impact drivers that will need to be addressed
  • Highlight possible choices for innovation interventions (efforts and approach) that grow value for your organisations and its customers.
The net result is a clear action plan that informs and shapes your strategic innovation planning process.
The Business Innovation Diagnostics also provides an effective initial platform that prepares an organisation to achieve the Investor in Innovations Standard.


The Business Innovation Diagnostics is a customisable process, enabling any organisation wishing to assess the effectiveness of its innovation processes and demonstrate the impact of its innovation investment. This programme helps organisations identify the “value-track” within its ecosystem and make informed choices about innovation interventions and investment.


Undergoing the Business Innovation Diagnostics follows an interactive session with our Innovation Advisors. Initially, a half-day session is used to address a series of questions around the Innovation Compass (above). 

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